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Professional and Experienced

FOUR TO ONE`s planning team consists both of professional and highly experienced show lighting designers as well as of design-oriented architectural lighting designers.

This unique combination of talents consistently generates cutting edge concepts.


Why choose us

Knowledge, Experience, Passion

The objective of all of our designs and work in general is to achieve perfect harmony between lighting and architectural ambiance. The lighting is not meant to be regarded as an independent element per se, rather it is to be conceived as a unified whole.

Ideas, precision, Efficiency

Good lighting design starts with generating creative ideas, on which the processes of designing as well as of technical planning are based.

Understanding of Architecture

This is the main reason as to why the general part of the planning process is focused on composing optimal integrative solutions. Meticulous attention goes to even the smallest of details, from start to finish , of all our undertakings.

All Phases of Service

FOUR TO ONE`s professional lighting design encompasses all phases of service, from developing design ideas to the execution of intense project supervision.
Instructing & supervising light-focusing activities and the light-programming process by FOUR TO ONE's experienced lighting designers always leads to optimised results being achieved.

Our history


FOUR TO ONE LIGHTING DESIGN is an offspring of the FOUR TO ONE STUDIO which was founded in 1988 in London.


In the early 1990s the lighting designer & one of the founding members as well, Patrick Woodroffe, started actively generating spectacular light shows for numerous top acts in the global music scene. (Rolling Stones, Genesis, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Michael Jackson and many more.)


In 1995, FOUR TO ONE studio became relocated from London to Cologne, Germany.


In 2013, the FOUR TO ONE studio moved to Bornheim and was renamed to FOUR TO ONE LIGHTING DESIGN.


Fast forward, 20 years later, and under the same management, as when it relocated, FOUR TO ONE LIGHTING DESIGN continues to generate state-of-the-art lighting design for both extraordinary shows and for architectural projects globally as well.

Meet Our team

Michael Miko Schmidt Geschäftsführer
Michael Schmidt Managing Director
Anja Schiller Accounting
Anja Schiller Accounting

Our Clients...

AUDI Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign - Pressekonferenz
EADS Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign
VW Volkswagen  Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign Pressekonferenz
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Mercedes Benz  Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign
Heidelberger  Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign
Infiniti  Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign
Lamborghini  Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign
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Lexus Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign
Osram Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign
RTL Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign News Desk
Siemens  Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign
Swarovski  Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign
Toyota  Lichtplanung - Lichtdesign
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